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Yo Matsumoto



Yo Matsumoto is Professor of Linguistic Theory and Typology at National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) in Tokyo. He received Ph. D. in Linguistics from Stanford University in 1992.  He has worked extensively on various topics of lexical semantics and its relation to syntax, morphology, pragmatics, and cognition in general.

He has authored Complex Predicates in Japanese (CSLI Publications, 1996) and co-authored two books, Kūkan to Idō no Hyōgen [Expressions of space and motion] (with S. Tanaka; Kenkyusha, 1997), and Nihongo Goiteki Fukugōdōshi no Imi to Taikei [The semantics and system of Japanese lexical compound verbs] (with Y.-T. Chen; Hituzi Syobo, 2018). He has also edited two books Ninchi-Imiron [Cognitive semantics] (Taishukan, 2003) and Idōhyōgen no Ruikeiron [Typology of motion expressions] (Kurosio, 2017). He has published papers in such journals as Linguistics and Philosophy, LinguisticsJournal of East Asian Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, and Gengo Kenkyu.


National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics,
10-2, Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-8561, JAPAN.
TEL: 042-540-4621 (Direct)   FAX: 042-540-4334
E-mail: yomatsum*ninjal.ac.jp (Replace the * mark with @ mark.)